An exceptional blend of high living and Cycladic serenity

Tinos Blend Suites

Experience the epitome of Grecian chic hospitality, in the delightful privacy of Tinos Blend Suites. Three unique villas in Agia Varvara- an upscale fusion of high-end architecture and Cycladic minimalism-, are designed to offer a profound feeling of luxurious relaxation: Letting go, embracing the serenity and the beauty of Tinos, allowing the calming vibe of the olive trees and the aroma of the Mediterranean herb garden uplift you; while the discreet presence of the sea and the impressive infinity pool terraces of the villas underline this exclusive, joyful stay. Tinos Blend Suites are comfortable, spacious and inviting, exhibiting a contemporary and sustainable character in the interior as well as the exterior areas of the property. A unique blend of thoughtful details creates a thoughtful, indulging universe for guests that wish to discover the secrets of the charming island of Tinos.

Embracing the sweet life in Tinos

Savouring each moment of precious leisure time, is highly respected in Tinos Blend Suites. We set the tone for a fine stay, that exceeds the highest standards of our guests: the luxury and comfort of an ambience curated to the detail in order to provide a premium living experience, creates a worry-free environment for our guests; allowing them to create unique memories and breath in the best of the island. Each day at this leading hospitality Suites is the perfect occasion to reset and start fresh.

A luxurious escape

The clean, wide lines of Tinos Blend Suites are in perfect harmony with the calming Cycladic landscape: an architectural gem that embraces the core of minimalistic design and blends wonderfully authentic tailor-made decorations and inviting relaxation spots. The style and elegance of this luxurious retreat and the joyful Mediterranean sharing of outgoing moments with family and friends are elements that compose the seductive universe of Tinos Blend Suites. A refreshing swim at the dazzling infinity pools, a grounding yoga session at the property’s entrance, a relaxing dinner at the protected terraces or an afternoon cocktail at the elegant outdoor decks, are only some of the ways to unwind during unforgettable holidays at the exquisite Tinos Blends Suites.

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